Aunty Wu, Mother of 500 Kids
The Story of a Local Hero Who Saves 500+ Street Animals in Tianjin, China.
Ms.Wu is currently in the age of 60s, and has started to rescue and adopt cats and dogs in China since her age of 40s. Ever since she laied her eyes on the first dog that needed rescue in her neighborhood, she started her journey to building shelters and become the mother of 500 kids by scacrificing all personal time and belongings: including selling two houses during economically harsh times. The violations of pets’ welfare are demonstrated as abandon, physical violence, and improper treatments. Animals do not speak human languages, yet preventing them from being heard and protected.

天津60岁的阿姨自40岁起开始收养流浪动物并解救下了近五百只被遗弃、非法盗窃、买卖的猫狗。 “我做的这一切,全部都是为了一个字,爱。” ——吴阿姨



Tiffany and Madeline build this website with the intention to tell the unheard stories of Aunty Wu and rescued dogs to the world on a digital platform, and thus reaching out to audience who can possibly extend the story via adoption. We also build this website collaboratively with multiple media exploration including coding, graphic design/digital drawing, and filmmaking to narrate the story.